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membership1 Membership “BEN Means Fast Implementation, Inspiration & Motivation” VIP Membership in the Business & Entrepreneur Network combines Coaching, Networking, and Training to help you take your business to the next level. BEN can help you build a Valuable, Scalable, and Salable Business! 

mastermind Mastermind “Take the Fast Path to Profitable GreatnessThe Peak Performer Mastermind combines the power of a regular, work ON your business meeting with other smart entrepreneurs with the focused attention of a private coach. You’ll find this to be the quickest path to increasing profitability and the enjoyment of running your business.


consulting Consulting For Small Business Owners Tired Of Making Excuses For Not Getting The IMPORTANT Work Done!” Are you tired of seeing the months, even years pass by, with your business seemingly STUCK? Are your business plans for growth sketchy or possibly non-existent? Do you wish you could accomplish more but obstacles keep getting in the way?

What if you were able to eliminate those obstacles? How would your life change?

And what if I told you about a unique approach to take care of those obstacles so you can get out of STUCK and to where you want to be? But, not in a few years, but within a few months. This is the power of one-on-one, private coaching. 

automation Automation Stop Working SO Hard.” Do you need more traffic… more leads… more sales? If you want to make your business more profitable AND gain more time and freedom, Automation is the way to go! We offer support, coaching and training to help you implement systems and scalability into your business by automating your processes, so you can literally make money in your sleep!

support Support We’re here for you!” We want to see our members succeed, so our team is available via email or by phone to answer your questions and help you through challenges. As part of your membership, you’ll receive a one-on-one consultation and an ad critique in addition to ongoing group coaching and training. 

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