One Simple Step To Easily Write High Performing Ads For Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to make your ads more effective, capture more attention and get more clients… this article will show you exactly that.


Back in the olden days (think newspaper ads, not dinosaurs) marketers discovered the main thing that makes or breaks ads. 


Although very old, it’s still the main reason why most ads don’t work today. 


By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll understand exactly what you can do to make your ads sell more, faster and easier than before.



Marketing Is NOT Gambling


What Marketers are taught today is meant for Coca Cola level of advertising. Most terms or tricks might sound fancy…


…but most businesses can’t gamble with thousands and thousands while hoping it will work. 


And 100 years ago that was an impossible task. You couldn’t just open up a screen that tells you exactly what is good and wrong with your ads.


So how did they ensure effective ads without relying on guesswork?

By nailing the…



Main Reason Ads Don’t Work


Imagine you’re a shoemaker and it’s the year 1920. You invented the first shoes that don’t hurt when you wear them.


You’re about to write your first ad for next week’s newspapers. You want to let the world know about your invention. You will tell people that they can finally ditch their shoes because if they call you up, they can buy the first shoes that don’t hurt.


Sounds great but the only thing is… you have a tiny space on the paper to put your ad. 

You can’t waste any of that space… but at the same time, if people don’t exactly understand this new discovery, they probably won’t buy your shoes. 


Marketers took years and years of study, puzzling pieces together, testing it and using trial and error to figure out what actually worked best.


If I had to write out all the elements of the formula we would be sitting here for weeks, so let me give you one of the best shortcuts.


So what happens when you try to formulate your message in the best way possible?



We overcomplicate without even realizing it.


From an early age, school taught us that we sound smart by using big words and complicated language. And if you’re selling something, you naturally want to sound smart.


But most people don’t like complicated language… or complex science books. And the worst thing most ads do is…


…making simple stuff more complex. 


If customers are confused, they do the worst thing… which is nothing. They found that people actually stopped to read the ad if they could understand it in, like, two seconds flat.


That’s why the best communicators use simple language. 


We want our message to be so simple that everyone can understand it. Ditch the fancy talk and think of more friendly, simplified, and straight to the point language.


The best way to make your message effective is to…


…write exactly how you speak, and read it out loud. 


This is going to piss some people off. I don’t care what you think about the orange man. I genuinely don’t. This isn’t a political thing. It’s a persuasion thing.


This is an incredible example of Trump using simple and effective language patterns that play into presenting himself as a consummate winner.

Notice how simple the language is. Notice how effective he communicates his point.


It’s right there. People just don’t notice.


Every step of your ads needs to be simple to be effective.


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