How To Force Your Perfect Clients To Pay Attention

Yes, exactly that. Whether you want more clients or better employees, this article will show you how to leave them with no other choice than to listen to you… but in a way that they will gladly do it. 


And just like with any Magician pulling off his trick, once I share it, you’ll probably laugh because it’s easier than you thought… but for some strange reason most people never do this one. 


In just a few minutes, once you learn this not so hidden trick, you’ll know the fastest possible way to dramatically improve any ad, like a Magician with the trick in the pocket, you’ll be able to make anyone listen to you.



Are you ignoring your perfect customers without even realizing it?

Sounds like a weird question, I know. But it’s really not. Because I was doing this exact thing for years. And I still see it happening all around me. 


Picture a busy train station. People are everywhere, it’s crowded, noisy, chaotic. 


In that crowd is a certain someone and you HAVE to get his attention.


How would you do it?


You could stand on a bench and hope to spot him in the crowd.


You could start asking people one by one if they had seen him. But there’s thousands of people, so that’s not practical.


The best way to get attention?


Shout his name.


Makes sense, but what does it have to do with reaching your perfect client?



Fixing Bleeding Necks

When I work with clients I ask lots of questions. One of them is: 


“Who is your perfect client? Who is perfect for your service?”


Every once in a while a client says: 


“Everyone! We sell to everyone!”


No. You do not. 


For two simple reasons:

  1. Not everyone needs or wants your service. 
  2. If you try to reach everyone you’ll end up reaching no one.


A perfect client has a problem, a desire, something they really want. And your service gets them what they want.


In the marketing business we call this a ‘bleeding neck’ problem. 


Something you want to solve right away. An itch you want to scratch as soon as possible.


Reach those people and you solve every marketing and sales problem. Here’s how: 



Reaching Your Perfect Client

If you were a dog trainer you could theoretically sell to anyone that has a dog.


But let’s say your most profitable service is helping clients train their puppy to stop chewing on furniture and stop pooping in the house.


So instead of targeting every dog owner we focus on puppy owners. 


The WORST way to reach those perfect clients is to put up an ad or a post saying something like:



Here’s a list of what we can do:

  • training your dog on how to fetch,
  • training your dog on how to walk on a leash,
  • training your dog on how to socialize with other dogs,
  • training your dog on how to not break stuff when you’re out of the house,
  • If you have a dog and you want to have it trained by us for anything, please call our number.


See the issue?


It’s so bland, so basic, so nondescript… that no one is going to think:


“This is for ME!”

“This is my dog!”

“I need exactly this” 


And that’s the response we want our perfect client to have:


“This is for me. This solves my problem. This person understands what I’m dealing with.”


Customers get exposed to hundreds of ads daily and their first instinct is to throw your ads into the “Not For Me” bucket.


In person, you get 3 seconds to make a first impression.


On social media, you only get ONE line to make a first impression.


Rough. I know. But also, incredibly liberating! 


So, don’t be afraid to stand out and tailor your message to your perfect client. 


In today’s crowded world, it’s the only way to reach customers. 


Talk soon,



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