Stand Out From Competiton By Answering One Question. (don’t be cheaper)

If you answer just this one question… you’ll surpass any sort of competitor without even trying hard.


Now, just about every business owner can answer this question. But most answers are exactly the same, and that’s why this is your opportunity.


In just a few minutes, once you read this article, your business will attract way more clients… and probably, more than any other business.




We are the best. But really, we are.

Let’s say you have to find a lawyer for your court case. And it’s an important case that you really want to win.


So just like anyone would do in a life or death situation, you want someone who can ensure that you’ll win this court easily.


So there’s one question that you can ask.


I’ve asked this question every single one of my clients and it will grow any sort of business. And it’s this one:


As a customer, why should I do business with you instead of your competitor or doing nothing at all? 


This question gets to the heart of doing good business, having good marketing, attracting good clients… 


And 99% of business owners that I’ve ever asked this question could not answer it in a concise, specific, measurable, unique way. 


So the important word here is unique. Unique selling proposition. 


Because almost everyone gives me a similar answer. Some people say: 


“we’re the best”,

“we’re local”, 

“we treat  our customers with respect”, 

“we’re friendly”,  

“we’re nice”, 

“we’ve been doing this for a  long time”, 

“we’re really good at our job”. 


Worst thing you can say is ‘we’re the cheapest’.


If you really need a lawyer to help you win important court case. You wouldn’t go with the cheapest one out there. 


Maybe if it’s a parking ticket, but how good of a client would that be… probably not good enough to have consistent and predictable growth.



Now What?

All these answers are pretty much standard but they’re not unique. 


Your competitors can say the exact same thing. But for me as a customer, there’s no way to verify that. 


You can say you’re that you’re the best.


Next business can say they’re the best as well. 


Now what? 


To tilt the scales in your favour, and give you an unfair advantage on everyone else in your industry, we need to stand out from the crowd!


This doesn’t mean we put on a clown suit.


This means you answer a simple question.


Why should I do business with you instead of your competitor or doing nothing at all? 


Your answer should be unique so that your audience can’t help but be intrigued and curious about your service.


This unique angle can be just about anything. And it doesn’t have to be anything crazy to create a lasting impression.


We just need a slight edge.


A slight edge goes a long way in the land where everyone sounds the same.


It just has to be something that:


Your competitors can’t do

Your competitors won’t do, 

Your competitors aren’t willing to do.


But you are because you believe in your ability to deliver your service.


And if you don’t have an answer to this question… you get instantly thrown into the “Just like everyone else” bucket.


But if you have an answer… inject it in your ads, inject it in your website, and everywhere your customers can find you.


Remember, it doesn’t have to be crazy, just slightly different. Enough to cut through the noise and stand out as the best option in your industry.


It’s worth taking the time and doing the digging and developing a unique selling proposition.


Even with all this room for creativity, I know that it’s kind of like giving you a blank canvas and telling you to “paint something”…


It can be nerve wracking and drain your energy if you already have 101 things on your to do list, but this is what I want to help you with.


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